Dance Beyond the Limits Registration 

Registration options and pricing for in-person and virtual workshops: 

  • October 8th, in person: $95.00
  • October 16th, in person: $95.00
  • Any single class, in person or livestream: $20.00
  • Any 6 classes, in person or livestream: $100.00
  • October 10 only, livestream two sessions: $25.00
  • Any other single livestream day, Oct 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15: $75.00
  • Entire convening 36 classes: $250.00
  • Conversations on Inclusion in the Arts and Culture:  FREE

Online classes are limited to 20 participants.  In-person classes are limited to 50 participants.  Registration BEST by October 6. Yet will continue up to 12 hours prior to each session. To register, fill out the registration form and choose your class options. 

Next, pay for your classes or apply for financial aid.

If you are attending in-person classes, you will also need to sign medical and photo releases at the beginning of your class. For questions call 970 493-2113.

Step 1: Register and choose your classes

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Step 2: Pay

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