Dance Beyond the Limits 2022 Program

Master Teachers and Classes

Friday, October 7, 10:00-10:55  Ixchel Levendosky teaching Soul Expression: Ballet Arms

Ixchel has been teaching, choreographing, and performing in the northern Colorado region since 1990. From her years of performing professionally and studying classical ballet and modern dance with many master teachers, Ixchel has a breadth of experience to share with her students. She is known for her precision in teaching proper technique geared towards minimizing injury and maximizing consistent student progress. Ixchel seeks to share the art and soul of dance with all who come into her classes, and she carefully nurtures the gifts and beauty in each of her students. She has choreographed and directed many classical and contemporary ballets and currently does so for her ballet school, the Front Range Classical Ballet Academy and its associated semi-professional company, the Front Range Contemporary Ballet.

Friday, October 7, 10:00-10:55   Soul Expression:Ballet Arms, taught by Ixchel Levendosky

Soul Expression: Ballet Arms Dance is an art – a means of expression and communication between people. While much of our energy in learning ballet is focused on the intense work that the legs engage in, it is often the expressive use of the arms and upper body that communicates the intent of our movement and makes a meaningful connection with the audience. In this workshop, we will learn and practice arm and hand movements that can help convey the expressive intent of dance. While no prior ballet experience is assumed or necessary for students in this class, it will also be appropriate for those with plenty of ballet training!

Friday, October 7, 11:00-11:55  Beth Little teaching Latin Dance Basics

Beth Little is a native Coloradoan. She grew up in Fort Collins and spent from age 3 into her 30's doing ballet, modern, jazz and musical theater. She has a degree in dance with an emphasis in performance from CU Boulder, where she created her own evening length show called "Between Life and Reality". Beth trained for many years, learning many Latin styles of movement and performing in LA, Utah, and Denver. Beth is also trained in the social work field and has spent the past 15 years working as a Program Manager for Early Intervention for Developmental Pathways, Inc, a nonprofit that serves children with differing levels of abilities. Beth volunteers at Dance Express, as a teacher and performer. She also loves to volunteer for the ARC, paddle board, bike, hike, salsa dance, play with her cats, work backstage at Red Rocks, and garden. 

Friday, October 7, 11:00-11:55   Latin Dance Basics, taught by Beth Little

Engage in learning the basics of Latin-style  social dances.

Try Bachata and Merengue from the Dominican Republic!

And Cha Cha from Cuba!

See what you can do.

These dances help you find the rhythm of movement through the music. 

Explore the history of these dances while having a good time learning new moves. 

Friday, October 7, 12:00-12:55  Glenda Monasch teaching Eurythmy

Glenda Monasch grew up in Southern Africa surrounded by the vibrant singing and dancing cultures of its indigenous people. Her schooling brought the wealth of world history and literature in languages and music. Eurythmy training (UK and Switzerland) brought together these different streams, weaving together rhythm, melody, harmony and form into a visible sculptural expression of the whole soul. Eurythmy is a movement art shows the shape and movement of all sounds of language, making visible the inaudible, and giving expression to that original language that all human beings speak to each to each other. Glenda has been teaching and performing eurythmy for over 40 years and brings over 20 years therapy experience to her work with all ages. She is currently the co-diirector of the Therapeutic Eurythmy Training in NNorth America (TETNA) and is a certified AnthroMed practitioner in therapeutic eurythmy practice in Boulder CO.

Friday, October 7, 12:00-12:55  Eurythmy, taught by Glenda Monasch

Eurythmy is harmonious, expressive movement.  Depending on who participates in the workshop, Glenda will teach a  playful, imaginative story or explore therapeutic gestures for health.

Friday, October 7, 1:00-1:55  Nadia Duncan teaching Hip Hop

Nadia Duncan is the owner of Impulse Dance and Fitness LLC. Nadia grew up dancing with her family: "It was our cultural norm." She began her formal dance training at a young age that continued on through high school focusing on Jazz, Hip Hop, Break and Contemporary. She has been teaching dance and dance fitness classes all over Northern Colorado since 2011 with certifications in Zumba, BODYJAM by Les Mills, Strong By Zumba, and Group Fitness by AFAA. After graduating from Colorado State and wanting more adult dance opportunities she decided to open up a dance studio. "I wanted to create a space for the adult community to share, grow, inspire, and find happiness through dance." Through Impulse, Nadia's mission is to provide accessible adult dance opportunities that cultivate community, expression, and happiness.

Friday, October 7, 1:00-1:55  Hip Hop taught by Nadia Duncan

Learn some basic techniques for Hip Hop! Participants will follow the instructor and combine several moves to create a dance during the workshop

Saturday, October 8, 10:00-10:55 Yvonne Hanning teaching Tai Chi

Yvonne, the owner of Willow Tree Studios: Online Fitness for Active Agers has been a student of Tai Chi for over a decade and a teacher for 8 years. She loves the flowing movement and meditative aspect of Tai Chi. From a health and wellness perspective, Tai Chi helps improve balance, strength, coordination and reduces stress. 

Visit to see our wide variety of classes along with daily movement breaks. Moving throughout the day keeps our brains and bodies functioning optimally.

Saturday, October 8, 10:00-10:55 Tai Chi taught by Yvonne Hanning

Tai Chi incorporates focused, flowing movement to help improve balance, strength, and coordination, and to reduce stress.

Saturday, October 8, 11:00-11:55 Paulette Dolin teaching Feldenkrais

Paulette has been a teacher and practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method(R) of somatic education for over 20 years. She applies Awareness Through Movement lessons from Stanford Integrative Medicine to exercise and wellness programs she conducts. She has worked with cancer patients and participants at senior centers, where everyone gets dancing no matter their perceived limitations. A student a various forms of dance, she sets her goal to facilitate movement as self-expression as well as performance. Paulette enjoyed the first convening so much that she is now teaching for her fifth year as a Master Teacher.

Saturday, October 8, 11:00-11:55 Feldenkrais: Powerful, Playful Pelvis taught by Paulette Dolin

Find your fame, and your frame, your freedom of movement and expression, connecting with your core and reaching out. When you move from center you can go anywhere, adapt, stand your ground, move along, choose. Find your inner a star,  Awareness Through Movement (R) lessons encourage you to do you. Join me in doing that together! 

Saturday, October 8, 12:00-12:55 Kat Lawrie teaching Ballet Basics

Kat Lawrie is a student at Colorado State University looking to pursue Occupational Therapy. She trained at the pre-professional level and has been practicing ballet for 10 years and has been en pointe for 7. She also has experience dancing contemporary, modern, lyrical, and musical theatre. She participated in the International Ballet Competition Summer Dance Program in 2018 as well as the Ballet Magnificat Summer Dance intensive in 2017 and 2018. She has danced internationally in South Korea and performed in various festivals in Seoul. Kat has had the chance to dance the lead as the Sugar Plum fairy, Esmerelda, White Swan, Bluebird, Don Quixote, and various other roles in the Nutcracker. Kat has been a volunteer with Dance Express for a year and has assisted backstage and with choreography. She has experience teaching multiple styles of dance and has taught ages ranging from 6 to 60.

Saturday, October 8, 12:00-12:55  Ballet Basics taught by Kat Laurie

Participants will learn traditional ballet positions and movements. The class will focus on coordination, strength, and rhythm. Some activities will include stretching, center positioning work, across the floor activities, and a short piece of choreography. 

Saturday, October 8, 1:00-1:55 Colin Khoury teaching Salsa

Colin is a co-director of the Fort Collins Salsa Collective, whose mission is to encourage interest in salsa and related Latin dances in Northern Colorado communities through performance, instruction, and activism. Members of the Collective share the values of community inclusivity, commitment to continued learning, and formation of safe spaces for creative expression. Colin has instructed and performed with nine salsa dance teams on three continents over a span of more than twenty years.

Saturday, October 8, 1:00-1:55 Salsa taught by Colin Khoury

Learn how to move Salsa steps and rhythms with a focus on the fundamentals and, most importantly, on having fun!

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