Dance Master Class Leaders

Kat Darden graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelors Degree in Dance Science and a minor in Disability Studies. Her dance training has included work with a variety of artists and companies including AXIS Dance Company, and she has been teaching dance for 2 years. She has also been working with people with disabilities for 7 years. She is very excited to combine her two passions for Dance Beyond the Limits.

Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Anna Rose Finkelstein is a world traveler, trained in the performing arts since childhood. One of her greatest passions is dance. With Anna a BA in psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder and MA degrees in mental health counseling, dance/movement therapy, and Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy,  she works coaching and counseling providing life enrichment and healing through the creative arts. To paraphrase Anna, "Inclusion is very important to me: sharing a common human experience and enriching life as we celebrate our similarities and respect our differences.” 

Founder, Artistic and Executive Director of Dance Express, Ms. Lenahan is enthusiastic about bringing DANCE BEYOND the LIMITS to Fort Collins. “This first-ever event can only grow with the years to come”, she states. “Each of us has a dancer waiting to share the light.” She brings a wealth of dance insights through her experiences with Dance Express, the State University of New York at Albany, Colorado State University, Sound Circle Eurythmy, and collaborations and training with numerous dance companies in Colorado and the United State. Mary Elizabeth is happy to bring facilitated choreography to stimulate inclusion in the dance arts.

Hailing from northwest Pennsylvania, David Mineo is an accomplished drummer and master carpenter. He studied mime with the Catholic Biblical School and received his ballet training at Ballet Arts Theater under the direction of Paul Noel Fiorino.  Over the course of his career, he has danced in over 15 Nutcrackers, Rappichini’s Daughter, Meet the Wilderness, Peter and the Wolf and numerous original productions.  David opened Berthoud Dance Company (BDC) in 2003 and found his niche in directing and producing creative, unique, and thought-provoking works and bringing quality performances to Berthoud, Loveland, Longmont, Mead, Johnstown and surrounding communities.

Dancing since the age of three, Megan Roney is captivated by the stories our bodies tell through the art of dance. A graduate of the Colorado State University occupational therapy program, Megan will weave love of dance with her passion to empower the independence, advocacy, and artistic creation of dancers with disabilities. At the age of nineteen, Megan sustained a traumatic brain injury and doctors told her dancing might be impossible. Fortunately, with determination, therapy, and family support, she went on to not only dance again, but also to tour internationally performing in professionally with Disney. Megan is proud to be a part of Dance Beyond Limits and hopes the experience will empower dancers of all abilities to reach for their artistic endeavors.

 Traveling chef and collaborative guitarist Oskar Arevalo was born in Denver Colorado. After studying and working  overseas he has taken up residence in Fort Collins, Colorado. Here he works as a freelance musician as well as a caterer and a guitar instructor at the Music District. Oskar is a guitar player and singer in "Happy Dapples" as well as a solo performer. He takes pride in helping cultivate an artistic community. He states, "He states: Inclusion in the arts is not a question. It is a necessity."