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Inclusive Dance Sessions
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meet the instructors

Connor Downer

Connor began their dance journey at the age of 4 in northern Colorado, with a focus on ballet, jazz, contemporary and lyrical. During those early years that their passion for art and creative movement was ignited. Connor continued to pursue their training within Colorado, along with receiving instruction from G. Madison, Richard Elszy and WildaBeast while in L.A.

In 2019, Connor moved to Tian Jiang, China where they created and implemented an all-abilities dance program for the children living at Shepherd's Field Children's Village, a special needs orphan home. Connor has had the pleasure of working at Lighthouse Dance,

Dance Express, Front Range Classical Ballet Academy and Rez Dance. Besides dance, Connor has a passion for social justice and is currently pursuing a degree in social work.

Ixchel Levendosky

Founder and Director of Front Range Classical Ballet Academy

Invited to Fort Collins to be School Director of Canyon Concert Ballet, Ixchel stayed in the area to share her love and knowledge of dance with countless students throughout northern Colorado. From years of performing professionally and studying classical ballet and modern dance, Ixchel has a breadth of experience to share with her students. She is known for her precision in teaching proper technique geared towards minimizing injury and maximizing consistent student progress.  Ixchel seeks to share the art and soul of dance with all who come into her classes, finding the individual gifts and beauty in each of her students.  Since 1990, her choreography has been performed throughout northern Colorado as well as in Denver and has had broad appeal among audiences.

Glenda Monasch, Eurythmist

Glenda has performed as an artistic Eurythmist for over 30 years since earning her Eurythmy Diploma from the Goetheanum, Dornach Switzerland. She is the current Director at Therapeutic Eurythmy Training in North America, TETNA, which is a graduate-level training in therapeutic eurythmy, accredited by the Medical Section of the Goetheanum.

She has a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness, and fitness industry with people of all ages.  Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Coaching, Healing, and Research

Paulette Dolin

Paulette has been a teacher and practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method(R) of somatic education for over 20 years.  She applies Awareness Through Movement lessons from Stanford Integrative Medicine to exercise and wellness programs she conducts. She has worked with cancer patients and participants at senior centers, where everyone gets dancing no matter their perceived limitations. A student a various forms of dance, she sets her goal to facilitate movement as self-expression as well as performance. 

Megan Roney, MS, OTR

Megan has danced since the age of three and is captivated by the stories our bodies tell through the art of dance. As an occupational therapist and a certified DanceAbility instructor Megan weaves her love of dance with her passion to empower the independence, advocacy, and artistic creation of children and adolescents with disabilities. 

Megan graduated from the occupational therapy graduate program at Colorado State University in 2017. At CSU Megan researched the lived experience of adults with traumatic brain injuries who engaged in a yoga program. Megan works as an occupational therapist in community adaptive recreation programs, clinics, schools, and home health. 

A company dancer in the Denver/Boulder-based Life/Art Dance Ensemble, Megan performs in annual company productions and for low-income senior living communities in the Denver area. A former volunteer and dancer with Dance Express, Megan is excited to dance again with familiar and new faces during this year's Dance Beyond the Limits convening.

Jayne Persch, founder Briah Danse

Based in Boulder, Jayne is more than a long list of credits. As a teacher of dance and movement therapist, she works to prevent injuries and promote body awareness so that dance and movement may be used as therapy together with music, color, speech and drama. She twinkles to inspire a range of movement, imaginations and explorations of the soul that may never have been examined before.  She offers an understanding of our personal movements that may have been washed aside by the busyness of rushing lives.  For dancers, she is a source of inspiration both during and after life in dance.

With more than 25 years of professional experience in dancing, teaching, choreography and directing as well as continued personal advanced study in massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and psychology ~ Ms. Persch brings a certain compassion, passion and joy – an understanding to her work. She offers a real sense of accomplishment and nurtures an awareness of personal integrity that is rooted in her deep love of the arts and her human commitment. For more about Jayne, visit:

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